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Welcome to Patient Memoirs

We are an online community of patients and health professionals, born out of the desire to educate and assist patients in leading a healthy and happy life. It is our belief that every patient has a unique perspective and a story which can inspire us all. The goal of this website is to provide you the platform to share your story with fellow patients. So, record a video clip about your medical condition and upload it today.

We have listed some guidelines you may choose to follow while recording the video clip.

Introduce yourself

Its a good idea to start your video by introducing yourself, also let us know how you are feeling today.

Your condition

Next, talk about your condition, how and when did you notice it. What were the signs and symptoms, and how long did it take you to seek medical help.

How was it diagnosed

You may also talk about, how the condition was identified by your doctor. Did you go through any diagnostic tests?

Coping with the condition

How did you cope with your condition? Did you make any changes in your lifestyle to overcome the emotional, psychological and physical tolls.

Recovery / management

Talk about the recovery or management phase of your illness. Share any tips you found useful during your struggle. You may also talk about the emotional and physical tolls.


What are the long term goals for your health? Keep us and fellow patients up to date with your progress by follow up videos.